Bingo Barn Address:
#10, 1107 33rd Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T2

You must work your bingo’s to be eligible for finals, year end awards or scholarship money.  Juniors or anyone under the age of 18 can do a bingo buyout for $250 or have someone work it for you.  Little Cowgirls is a new event so they can have someone work 1 bingo for them or pay a bingo buyout of $125.  DEADLINE FOR BUYOUT IS JULY 2018 (date to be confirmed).    If you sign up before March 1st you requirements are two (2) bingo’s.  If you sign up after March 1st you will be required to sign up for three (3).  You do not have to work the bingo before March 1st, you just need to book your dates.

Start Times of Bingo’s: Afternoon Bingo – 10:30 a.m. Evening Bingo: 4:30 pm. late Evening 8:45pm



 2018  Rodeo Season Dates:

March 24th, Saturday Evening (2 spots left) and Late Evening (full)

April 30th, Monday Evening; (Full)

May 12th, Saturday Evening and Late Evening

June 3, Sunday evening

July 15th  Sunday evening

2019 Rodeo Season Dates:

September 6th – Thursday Evening

October 21st – Sunday Evening

November 14th – Wednesday Evening

November 25th – Sunday Evening


More dates will be posted after March 2018
Contact Kim Welter to get signed up


Cell Phone:  (403) 816-6327