New Approved Event for 2018 Season 

Little Cowgirls Barrel Racing and Pole Bending

  • Age category:  10 and under by January 1st of Rodeo Year.
  • No Lead Line
  • Top 6 to finals
  • Buckles awarded to Season Leader and Champion in each event.
  • You cannot enter any Junior Events unless you purchase a Junior Membership and move up to that Division and you will not be able to compete in the Little Cowgirls Division in any events.  Once a Little Cowgirl has taken out a Junior Membership she will become and Junior member and is no longer eligible to apply for a Little Cowgirl Membership.  Once you move into Junior Division you will be eligible for Rookie awards.
  • Bingo Requirements;  1 Bingo to qualify for year end awards or compete at the Finals. Bingo Buyout will be accepted at $125.  Same Deadline as Junior Buyout.
  • Entry fee will be $10, Membership $35
  • Because 2017 was a trial year and now it was voted that it become an approved event, the 2018 season will allow all competitors in this event will be eligible for Rookie of the Year.




Here is a little bit of CGRA History….


The CGRA Association was first formed in 1957 as the Canadian Barrel Racing Association.  Realizing the potential growth of the sport in Canada, it was re-organized on a Canada-wide basis with its headquarters in Calgary.

With the success of the All Girl Rodeo, the name was changed in 1962 to Canadian Girls Barrel Racing and Rodeo Association.   Barrel Racing, Goat Tying, Cow Riding and Calf Roping were featured events. Cutting and Steer Undecorating were added in 1964 and 1966. Team Roping was added in 1975.

Due to lack of interest, cutting was dropped in 1974. In 1967 the association became a duly constituted, non profit organization with its present name “Canadian Girls Rodeo Association”.

Did you know that Hanna Rodeo has been hosting a rodeo each year for the past 60 years!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow amazing support from such a great Committee.  Thank you for having us back each year.